Welcome to the Document Manager Resource Guide; the biggest and best single point of reference for all your document and content management requirements.

The Guide aims to bring you the information you need, in the format of most use to you as a potential user of these solutions. Concise yet informative, and arranged in such a way as to help you find what you need quickly and easily.

Whether you are comparing hardware suppliers, sourcing relevant resellers, or looking for a new system development, this, along with the printed version, is the most comprehensive resource available for this market.

The market itself is still changing and maturing: more and more organisations are implementing DM and related technologies in order to achieve very specific business objectives: legal compliance; records retention; service delivery via new channels and far more.

In perhaps the biggest change to the industry in recent years, document capture is increasingly being used to trigger business processes, and this, alongside the never-ending growth in online, social and cloud implementations bring a whole new raft of challenges to users, finance departments and IT teams alike.

The best ‘first step’ anyone can take is to refer to this, the Document Manager Resource Guide.

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